460A Suction Blaster


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The Vacuum Blaster comes complete, mounted on a trolley with a grit separator, silo with an internal sieve, filling valve, efficient vacuum producer and compressed air filters. A pneumatic valve in the bottom of the silo empties the dust into a plastic bag.
Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a pneumatic control device for automatic filter cleaning. Long life filters - Efficient pre-separation of abrasive with automatic reverse air jet filter cleaning. Heavy Duty Mobile Blasting

  • Maximum vacuum/Pressure: 210 CFM @ 170 in WG
  • Compressed air consumption: 140 CFM
  • Compressed air pressure: 85-100 PSI air pressure
  • Includes 30 ft media/vac hose, brush nozzle, blast/vac nozzle
  • Filtration: Vyon candles, efficiency (EN60335-2-69): L


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