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Dust Fume Mist Warehouse can adapt your industrial ducting to anything - a machine, a hose, or any outlet.

There are however some standard adapters.

  • Hose Adapters adapt the industrial ducting to flex hose. An expanded bead is knurled onto the adapter.  An adjustable clamp tightens the hose to the adapter and the expanded bead keeps it from sliding off.
  • Machine Adapters are made to adapt the duct to a machine. This adapter typically slides over the machine outlet and is affixed to the machine with tech screw or welding.
    Note about Oil/Mist Applications. - When connecting a flex hose to a machine where oil mist is being collected, there is a tendency for the fluid to seep by the hose clamp and spill onto the machine. To remedy this, Dust Fume Mist Warehouse offers an Oil/Mist Curb. The curb is a hose adapter with a curb directly under the hose. As the hose leaks (and it always does) the oil collects in the curb. The oil 'leaks' back into the machine thru 'weep' holes that are drilled around the inside the curb where it is welded to the adapter. The unit then adapts to the machine.
  • Flanged Adapters are adapters that are flanged on one end and rolled lip on the other.