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Rolled Lip (Clamp Together) No Loss Stackhead


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No-Loss stacks reduce air flow resistance and save money!

No-Loss Stacks or No-Loss Stackheads, eliminate the back pressure that causes increased fan resistance. Increased resistance causes the fan to use additional power to maintain the calculate cubic feet per minute (CFM) rate required for the system. To correct this, as you can see in the drawing below, the central exhaust duct is surrounded by the larger duct of the no-loss stack, and extends up higher than the central duct and is open at the bottom. Rainwater then falls into the upper part of the larger duct and drains down the side of the no-loss stack and discharges at the bottom. No-Loss stacks are galvanized or stainless steel.

If you need your No-Loss Stack in Stainless Steel, please contact us for information.


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