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Fittings: Segmented Elbows

Dust Fume Mist offers a full range of elbows in Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel, in all standard ducting gauges and radii.

 Gourd or Segmented elbows make up the bulk of these elbows. 

These elbows are made up of segments that are either welded together or mechanically interlocked. 

In the Interlocked method, the segments are mechanically locked together. Due to the metal being formed, only 18 gauge and thinner can be used in this method. Heavier gauge metal requires the segments be welded together.

The segment geometry controls the final radius of the elbow and can be formed in any radius*, as required. 

The ends of the elbow can be fitted with flanges, rolled lips, or left raw for welding.

*Radius means the height of the elbow and is a direct reference to the length of sweep- an important factor when considering the impact of airflow, static pressure and wear. Typical radii are 1xD (Short Radius), 1.5xD (Standard Radius) and 2.5xD (Long Radius).  A 1.5xD radius means that a 4" Dia. elbow has a 6" (1.5x4) radius. Another way to think of this is to set a 90-degree elbow on the floor and measure from the floor to the centreline of the elbow. (Be sure to subtract any straight portion of thelbow.) Divide this height by the diameter and you have the radius.Dimensions shown are standard. Longer radius or more gore sections are available. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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